How pathetic!

I can’t believe I let this lapse for so long. You know, I thought I’d do better with this one. I guess I thought wrong. I have no problem writing about far away lands and characters I’ve made up. I have no problem dreaming up plots that would even boggle the high functioning, sociopathic mind of Sherlock Holmes, but I can’t get this blog off the ground. It’s……lazy! Kind of how I feel at the end of the day after the grind of the day has taken its toll on me.

I’ve always found it difficult to talk about myself.  And what good is it to discuss topics that no one is interested in reading? I know very little about celebrities and while I have a good enough dress sense, I’m no fashionista. I am far too private and self conscious to lay bare my innermost thoughts and torments for the world to read (well at least the section of the world that accidentally ends up on this blog). I could try the Julia Child thing, you know, a cookery blog. Nah, too much work, too much time. It would be perfect for an aspiring chef though. Photography? Possibly, although I’m not too keen on the idea. It’s far too easy to steal photos off the internet. All you have to do is…

Moving on, I haven’t heard from the Commonwealth Writers Poetry Competition yet but then I didn’t exactly expect to. My hopes are still flying high that the short story I submitted will strike a chord with the officials. If not, then by the Grace of the Almighty, there will be next year and so I shall persevere. I shall chuck my bitter disappointment aside and try again. After all there’s nothing to lose and a fair amount of publicity to be gained and publicity – positive publicity (let’s not confuse it with the other kind) to a writer is like water to a man in the desert – life giving.

I’ll do better with this blog though. At least I shall certainly try. I just need to work on finding a bit of encouragement to give life to my imagination.