I’ve given myself the title of the worst blogger in the world. I’ve been away for many months and I don’t feel guilty…well maybe a little guilty. I’ve been busy with my other writings you see. I joined the Playwrights’ Guild as a Supporting Member a few months ago, so not only am I writing a novel (one of a trilogy) I’m also writing plays for competitions in the hope that I could really make my mark with one of them. Now you see why the blog got elbowed aside. On top of all that, I joined Twitter (heh), like I know how to tweet.

After such a long and partially inexcusable absence from blogging, I really considered shutting this down. Then I thought after all this time, this has got to be the more successful attempt at social media interaction because honestly I’m horrible at the whole Twitter business. Why say something if you have nothing to say? I’m still trying though because apparently to become a successful author/playwright, one must develop a following of admiring readers.

As a self-confessed hermit with a small drop of paranoia running in my veins, I’m terrified of becoming too known out there in a world where people no longer have faces to go with the cruel, cutting words that they use to slash away at random victims. Why do I want to be a part of this? I resisted Twitter and blogging and Facebook-ing (don’t roll your eyes) for as long as I possibly could. Life as a nonentity suited me. I’m a Bilbo Baggins at heart with the occasional yen for adventure. Being a part of the social media revolution is to me, akin to walking into Goblin Town….alone….without Sting or Gandalf. It’s FRIGHTENING….but necessary it seems.

There you have it, my attempt to explain why I’ve neglected the blog. Apart from biting off more than I can comfortably chew, I’ve hindered myself by believing that being invisible is so much better and safer than being seen. I’m an author and playwright and some day I will have the published novels and the stage productions to show for it. But right now, it’s as difficult as it’s ever going to be. Writing is one thing, that’s easy – making people want to read is another. Gone are the days when authors simply wrote a novel and sold it to a publishing house. That’s not happening unless one is already famous. Well, enough talking and explaining, I’ve got some armour to dust off. After all, I’m going into battle with an unknown world and I still haven’t mastered my weapons.

All the best to me and you.