The evolution of the human race has come to a grinding halt. That should be a headline for a newspaper article. Perhaps I should start one. The Daily Human, now there’s a title. We have grown by leaps and bounds as a species but as humans, our humanity is quickly drying up. In a conversation from Gene Roddenberry on his reason for creating Star Trek, he talks about a utopian planet where as a species, we as humans can learn from one another and grow to become mature and wise. Well, if only he could see us now. We’re far from where he envisioned we could be. In fact, I think we’re in reverse.

Right now, we’re in the era where politicians can thump their chests and say ‘my bomb is bigger than your bomb.’ The human race is still fighting over swathes of land and water than none of us can take to our graves.

We live in a world where it’s acceptable, nay, fashionable to ridicule and mock excellence and hard work, but it’s perfectly fine if you revere mediocrity. Just look at how many ‘reality’ shows there are out there and many if not all are rooted in materialism because after all, why work when you can rake in the moola by dehumanising yourselves for other people’s entertainment? That was a stupid question right? How dare me.

Then there are the ones who don’t care. They don’t care if the polar caps melt and the human race has to resort to living on ships or ark like vessels. They don’t care about stripping the planet of much needed forests. They don’t care because as far as they’re concerned, they will be dead by that time and won’t have to suffer. Their descendants on the other hand will have to revert to the days of Noah’s Ark or just save time and money and grow gills. Oh well, our species first germinated in the sea, so we might as well go back.

Now we come to science and technology. What’s that? Shouldn’t these be a sign of advancement and evolution? Well, you would think so. Of course, as a species we have gone to the moon and back, we can see the vastness of the universe courtesy NASA and the Hubble Telescope and we have been able to plumb the depths of the ocean. We’ve advanced as a species but as humans, we’re slipping back into our basest instincts. Let me say this, science and technology should be and should have been paired with a generous dose of common sense and compassion. We can make life in a test tube, we can make life last longer, we can save lives but with one fell swoop of a missile or bomb we can also take it away and for what? Because your religion is better than mine? Because your skin colour is better than theirs? Because you are so superior to others that you are completely oblivious to the fact that when you die you too will rot and disintegrate into dust or ash? This is the year 2016, we should be past all that by now.

With all of our advancements, many still fight and kill over that which cannot be proved 100%. As long as proof isn’t tangible, then there is always room for doubt and debate. So why fight? What’s wrong with being different?

Billions of years ago, when Earth was first born by the cosmic energies in space, according to scientists, microscopic organisms were transported to her by way of continuous meteoric bombardment, possibly from another planet which was destroyed earlier. From this happy incident, all living species came to be on Earth. We’ve all evolved from something that was once something else. We’re all different and similar at the same time. There should be no reason not to appreciate these differences and in so doing we can celebrate the similarity in our humanity.

Our humanity is what sets us apart from all the other species. We have the ability to empathise, to care and to be compassionate. What can be seen today is apathy, the sense of ‘it’s not my problem so I don’t care’. Not everyone is like that though. There are many of us who are still fighting the good fight. Some will inevitably weaken and join the hoards who whistle and walk away and act as if nothing is happening and there are those who will fight for as long as it takes. I hope I can remain a fighter.

For those of you who have forgotten, we are not renting this planet, we’re not borrowing the time we spend here, we’re visiting a home that belongs to many others. As visitors we need to respect our hosts and hostesses as we would want them to respect us.

It would be a really sad day if and when the human race falls from grace and return to clubbing one another over the heads and squabbling over territory. But then again, how far away are we from that?