Do you remember the first time you met the Hobbits?

I remember clearly. It was actually an English Comprehension book. It had a yellow cover with black sketches on them. There were a few excerpts from the Fellowship of the Ring. The first one was the Hobbits’ escape from the Black Rider towards Buckleberry Ferry. The second excerpt was taken from the chapter where Merry and Pippin were in Fangorn Forest and had been captured by an Ent.

At that time, which was a long time ago, most people (in Trinidad) had not heard of the Lord of the Rings. Stores did not stock them. In my home, books were only bought if they were a necessity. This particular English book was one of the many books my father found, in a cardboard box, at the side of the road. One man’s rubbish can really be another’s salvation.

Twenty years after, I finally found the books. They were everywhere. Of course, so were the movies. Better late than never I say. Better late than never.