For all the Tolkien fans, the second movie of The Hobbit will hit most cinemas on December 13 this year. We should expect to see more tension between the Elves and the Dwarves and considering their past clashes, who can blame either group? The Elves will always be the epitome of grace, beauty and intelligence, – the undeniable favourites of Illúvatar. The Dwarves? Well, I would call them the unwanted children. The adopted kiddies. The ones he didn’t want and had to end up accepting.

It was said that Aulë so desired the coming of the Children that he was unwilling to wait for Illúvatar, who was taking his own sweet time creating everything. I mean really, isn’t that like any anxious parent? I don’t blame him but then again you have to see it from Illúvatar’s perspective. After all, he was the head honcho, the big cheese, the alpha and omega. Aulë was just his wayward child.

Illúvatar alluded to the fact that the Dwarves were not sentient save for the grace of Aulë and therefore, since they were not of his own design, they were not good enough.

My point is, if the Dwarves were not sentient beings, would they have flinched when Aulë was about to destroy them? Would they have begged for mercy? Illúvatar also predicted that there would be tension between the two, his adopted children and the children of his choice. (You don’t say.)

I believe that the Dwarves knew of Illúvatar’s distaste for their existence, they would have known. Just like a child can sense when a parent favours a sibling over himself. They were hard, stubborn, harboured resentment, fast in friendship and in enmity. They were like the rock and stone of which they were made. They could tolerate extreme hardship and it was rumoured among the Elves that when the Dwarves died, they returned to the rock and stone of which they were made. Silly Elves, I guess that what happens when they don’t have much to do except sitting and looking into the distance, minding other people’s business and picking fights with the poor Dwarves, they start spreading rumours.

In the Silmarillion, Yavanna, upon learning of what Aulë had done, tells him that the Dwarves would only love the things made by their hand and nature would be at their mercy. Duh, why wouldn’t they like what they made? They’re their fathers children. Aulë piped in with his own answer. I can imagine how that conversation would have gone if it were a real part of our history and I wish I could’ve been there. Here is their conversation, if it happened in real as I imagined it.

Yavanna: I’m glad you’re proud of your kids, but honestly, they’ll be a real pain in the ass.

Aulë: What do you mean?

Yavanna: Just don’t give them any axes please. My poor trees. They’re going to be just like you.

Aulë: Oh yeah, well guess what, dad’s children won’t be any different. They have to eat and build too you know and their accomplishments won’t mean squat if they’re the only ones on Arda.

Yavanna: What do you mean the “only ones?”

Aulë: Dad plans to give them dominion over Arda, so there.

Yavanna: You mean, they’re going to be walking around and fiddling with my creations without my permission? Seriously?

Aulë: (Folds arms and smirks)

Yavanna: You’re lying, I’m going to ask Manwë.

Aulë: (Shrugs) Suit yourself.

Yavanna walks up to Manwë all in a tizzy.

Yavanna: Manwë, Aulë just told me that dad said he’s going to let his children have dominion over Arda, that they can do whatever they want, is this true?

Manwë: Yes sweetie, that’s exactly true. Why?

Yavanna: (Stares off into the distance and then sighs heavily.) Fine!Whatever! I just find it unfair that Melkor already destroyed so much of what I made, you mean to say everything I’ve created will have be in the dominion of others?It’s not fair. Men just ruin EVERYTHING! (Stomps off).

Manwë: Pssh, women, so melodramatic. (Returns to his thoughts).

Yavanna: Poor suckers, just wait until Melkor gets hold of them. (Sits down and starts conceptualising another tree).

Just in case you’re wondering what that last line means, you do remember that Melkor gets hold of some of the Elves and he corrupts them and turns them into Orcs right? So in a way, the Dwarves get their own back. There’s nothing more stinging than the favourites getting messed up.

So there it is. It doesn’t matter what Illúvatar believes, logically, the Dwarves were the firstborns. My vote is for the short, hairy ones. I rest my case.