Hi there,

First real post, not counting the home page and ‘About Me’ post. I must say I have to tip my hat to those who design websites for a living. For a technological dinosaur fossil like myself, this has been quite a challenge. Some of us take longer to catch on. Which is why perseverance is a good virtue to keep in one’s pocket. Too bad Gollum didn’t have any (pockets I mean), he might have been able to hold on to that ring. Oh well, that’s a whole different topic.

So, let’s hope I have time to spend on this one. The last blog was a disaster…well not really a disaster, nothing bad happened, I just didn’t like it. New at the whole blogging world you see. But now I’m ready.

I am WordCupid and you have just read my first Random Ramble. Now, where can I get a bow and arrow?