What would you do if you were given three wishes? Not the ones that Alladin’s genie gave him. There were too many conditions in those. I don’t want to read any fine print. The wishes must be mine to do with as I wish. Accidental or angry wishes do not count. What would I wish for? Remember there are only three, so they have to count.

Firstly, I would wish to live the life I’ve always wanted. Smart huh? That would include travel, enough money to live comfortably, to look after my family, to go back to school and to learn anything that I would like to learn. What else, ah yes. Since I don’t put too much stock in personal possessions, except for a few choice items (Yes I’m looking at you media room, library/den, gym and really nice backyard complete with deck and beautifully landscaped garden), I would want to indulge, just a little. So hopefully, my first wish would cover all those things.

Secondly, health, strength, safety and security are a must have, so a separate wish can be allocated for this one. There’s no way you can enjoy all these nice things if you can barely get out of bed. Nor would it do to be afraid to step out of your house. That is no life.

Finally, my family. Notice I did not ask for happiness. Whether that’s foolish or not will be determined by my own personality I guess. I suppose if you’ve got your family close to you, you’re safe and healthy and you’re living the life and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, then there should be no reason to be unhappy, should there?

Now that I’ve somehow touched on the topic of happiness again (see previous post – Finding My Happiness), I think it means different things to people.

To a homeless person, a warm bed and a hot meal at the end of the day would be happiness.

A lonely person would crave companionship and be overjoyed upon receiving it.

An ailing person would rejoice upon being healthy again.

A childless couple would be elated at the news of a new baby.

You get the picture?

Anyway, I’ve told you mine. If you could have them, what would your three wishes be?